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gonna be a dental floss tycoon

cause i’m moving to montana soon…

okay, so it’s not so soon as in a week away or anything.

but it’s coming up!

sometime in march. or the first week in april! 

i’m so excited and can hardly wait! so much that i’m writing a kind of real blog type thing about it. 

this was taken in the spring so it’s not like mega majestic or anything. but… mountains!

i’ll still be a targetbot. but, i’m not even unhappy about that. it makes me so much less nervous going to a whole new town—and state!! knowing that i’ll at least have a job lined up. [and a very sweet boy there too!] so at least there will be some amount of normalcy when i leave this town of 20 years.

because i cannot fathom LIVING in the mountains and don’t know how to even get excited for that, i will say that i am most excited for the food. sushi hana $1 sushi night! and bridge pizza and big dipper ice cream! oh my meow. salivating just thinking about it!

i find it slightly amusing that i am pumped about my hometown now that i’m leaving it soon. i used to have so much angst about this place. this place is so lame! there’s never anything to do. it’s just a tourist town. blah blah blah. angst. but man, paul bunyan and babe the blue ox? umm, yes please!

i think this town is probably the most radical as far as town lore goes. first of all it’s a giant ax-wielding lumberjack whose sole companion is a huge ox. oh yeah, and did i mention that this ox is blue? as if that isn’t cool enough, this town is built around a lake. no big deal or anything, but the lake is the footprint of paul bunyan himself! i don’t know about you, but i’d say that’s a town to be proud of!

one of the things i’ll miss most about this place would be the walks around town. downtown to be specific [that’s where the statues commemorating mr bunyan and his faithful companion reside.] any time of day is a splendid time to walk about. but, my favourite is night. there’s something magical about it. seeing the reflection of the town all lit up on the lake.

i’ll surely miss bemidji. but there are things that will be and are magical about missoula too. first off, you know that epic bear that lives in the north and is depicted in the fox and the hound as more monster than animal? yeah, that’s our home team. the grizzlies. being the northwoods loving girl that i am, i think that’s something to get pumped about. and i don’t even like sports! go griz! the mountains too. i didn’t know until i visited, but i need mountains in my life! they are majestic. 

to sum it all up.

emotions: nervous, excited, sad, ecstatic, agshieofhse!

thoughts: going to miss my family, going to love it there, not going to miss missing my boy.

misc: dental floss tycoon, mountain climbing, hometown pride.

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all of my wat!! but i love it so

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winner winner.

good blog good give away.

errbody likes blowfish shoes and the dainty squid. amirite?

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